NBA Trade Talk: Buddy Hield for Al Horford?


Al Horford did not have a good season last year, his first with the 76ers, playing alongside Joel Embiid. The bigger issue, for the Sixers, is his massive four-year, $109 million contract.

Of course, it's offseason time for every team not named the Heat and Lakers, so the NBA trade speculation has begun and one name that has popped up in a possible Horford trade is Sacramento Kings guard Buddy Hield.

Ryan McDonough and Brian Scalabrine discussed this on the latest episode of Scal And Pals.

"You made the best point, I don't see any reason that the Sacramento Kings would do that deal player for player," McDonough said. "Especially with Marvin Bagley coming back. Horford is in his mid 30s, Hield is in his mid to late 20s. Hield should be playing the best basketball of his career, over the next couple of years. Horford is past his prime. Could he still be affective, especially if he's on a team where he could be a true 5 without another big, not alongside Joel Embiid? Yeah, that remains to be seen.

"If I'm Sacramento, I say, 'I'm not just taking Al Horford back. I need other draft picks. I need Matisse Thybulle. Something like that to make it worth my while. I'm not doing a player for player deal, that doesn't make any sense.'

"It would be a great deal for Philly and think of Buddy with the shooting and the spacing he would provide for Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid, especially if they took Horford out of there."

Horford is 34-years-old and declining, while Hield is 27-years-old and ascending, to McDonough's point. However, their respective salaries are not that far off. Horford makes from $27.5 to $26.5 million per year over the next three seasons, while Hield's base salary ranges from $24.4 to $18.5 million per year over the next four seasons.

Scalabrine actually thinks a player-for-player swap may make the Kings better.

"If they just made the trade straight up, I do think Sacramento would be better than having Buddy Hield," Scalabrine said. "De'Aaron Fox would be a lot better with Al Horford. Hopefully Al Horford could teach Bagley how to be a pro. They already have (Bogdan) Bogdanovic. But I one hundred percent agree, age to age you need something more coming your way.

"If you want to take on Al Horford and you thought you'd be better, how much more would you want?"

Hield averaged 19.2 points on 39.4-percent shooting from three while attempting a career high 9.6 per game, fourth most in the NBA.

You can listen to Scal and Pals here.