Philadelphia 76ers draft Tyrese Maxey


The Sixers selected Kentucky guard Tyrese Maxey with the 21st pick in the 2020 NBA Draft on Wednesday night.

Maxey, 6-foot-3, 198 pounds, averaged 14.0 points, 3.2 assists and 4.3 rebounds in his sonly season at Kentucky. He shot 29% on 3.6 threes per game, and 49% from the field overall.

The pick was not the biggest move the Sixers made on Wednesday, as they also reportedly sent Al Horford and a set of draft picks to the Oklahoma City Thunder for forward Danny Green and guard Terrance Ferguson.

Here is a complete scouting report on , via The Ringer:

STRENGTHSClever finisher at the rim who can score from awkward angles using the glass and absorb contact to find an angle using either hand…Shot only 32 percent on jumpers, but his compact form, soft touch, and high percentage from the line bodes well for his future as a shooter…Comfortable shooting off the dribble in either direction. He lacks elite burst but he makes rapid movements stopping and transitioning into his shot…Good pick-and-roll scorer who can get to the rim or pull up and shoot…Excellent on-ball defender with a strong frame and long arms. He plays hard, shifts his feet, and flips his hips to move well laterally and defend pick-and-rolls. He’s strong enough to power through screens or defend larger wings…Off-ball defense: Stays engaged, rotates well, and anticipates where the ball will be to beat opponents to their spots.

WEAKNESSESLacks top-end quickness and acceleration. He’s at his best playing off others, but he’ll need to improve his handle to be a reliable scorer….Attempts a lot of tough, contested shots due to his inability to generate space off the dribble…Low release may contribute to his streakiness as a shooter. He has good overall form but has some really inaccurate misses that occasionally clank off the glass…Average pick-and-roll playmaker who makes simple passes but doesn’t show advanced vision.

Here are some highlights of the newest Sixer: