Brandon Graham on Doug Pederson: 'We won a Super Bowl together'


The firing of Doug Pederson is not easy news to process, especially for players like Brandon Graham who have been with him for the last five years.

"It's tough man," said Graham on the Marks & Reese Show. "You know how much I love Coach Pederson. I understand the business side of it. You have to make some tough calls as an organization and I'm sure we are going to find out everything as we go on. I just know that it's a shocker for me."

Graham joined Jon Marks and Ike Reese to discuss the coaching change about an hour after the news broke. A member of the Eagles since 2010, Graham has played under three head coaches during his career, but it's Pederson that he shares a special bond with.

"We are always connected now because we won a Super Bowl together. We are always going to come back and talk about this memory that we created together. In that way, we will always be connected."

Brandon was asked if he thought Doug deserved to be fired:

"Coach Pederson was a good coach in my eyes. What he brought to the table and what I see on the outside looking in. I just know that I respect him, will always respect him. He put his heart in to it, which we all tend to do. He was here a lot. He would spend a night in the facility… you knew he was dedicated. I can't make that call if he deserved anything, I just know that things happen. He is going to move on one day and get something better, that's what you hope for.

"Moving forward with the team, I know that Howie and Mr. Lurie are going to guild us in the right direction. We believe in the organization… There is the business side of it and we are going to grieve and then move on."