DeCamara, Ritchie discuss reported Eagles power struggle


On Wednesday morning, Jeff McLane of the Philadelphia Inquirer reported that Eagles head coach Doug Pederson did not want to fire former offensive coordinator Mike Groh and wide receiver coach Carson Walch.

The report goes on to detail an on-going power struggle between Pederson and the front office, starting with coaching staff decisions, game-planning, and the relationship between Groh, Wentz, and Pederson.

Joe DeCamara and Jon Ritchie talked about the article, including a line they thought was the most telling aspect of the entire piece:

But [the Eagles] have taken a step back in each season, and if they were to again it might suggest that further changes are necessary. The Eagles still have one of the stronger teams in the NFL and returning constructs in coaching, scheme, and quarterback.

"What that sentences to me says, and this is my interpretation," said DeCamara, "is that if this Eagles season doesn't fly that four days before kick-off, Doug Pederson could actually be on the chopping block at the end of this year."

Jon Ritchie broke it down further:

"There are factions within that building and I think the ones we are talking about here are Carson Wentz and his crew, the Philadelphia Eagles, including Howie, and Doug. I keep picturing three groups. It feels like the Eagles and Carson's side are in cahoots and they are making it known that Doug is responsible for this season. They expect things might not go quite as planned."

"If we don't make the playoffs," continued Ritchie, "Doug's head is on the chopping block. I think that could be the title of that article."