Dr. Jill Crosson on a struggling Carson Wentz and injury history


Dr. Jill Crosson, DO is with OAA Orthopaedic Specialists located in Allentown and Bethlehem PA.

Dr. Crosson is a non-operative sports medicine physician specializes in concussion management and orthobiologics.

Dr. Crosson is the Associate Team Physician for Parkettes and for the AAA Iron Pigs.

On Tuesday's 94WIP Morning Show, Angelo Cataldi asked Dr. Crosson about Carson Wentz's struggles and if it's possible that he's still recovering from a concussion he suffered last year. Dr. Crosson doesn't believe so. Dr. Crosson says, "This is where we use sports psychology quite a lot."

For more information about Dr. Jill Crosson go to www.oaaortho.com