Brandon Graham defends Jim Schwartz on 94WIP


The man taking the most heat his week for the Eagles' 38-29 loss to the Steelers in Week 5 is defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz.

Not many people know Schwartz better than Brandon Graham, who has played for Schwartz ever since he was hired by Philadelphia in 2016.

BG defended his defensive coordinator on Wednesday's 94WIP Morning Show.

"Well Jim Schwartz, he's a smart coordinator," Graham told Angelo Cataldi. "I really do believe he puts us in position to get things done. I feel like it's a collective thing. We all in this thing together. We sometimes don't be in position as a player, or sometimes he makes a bad call, it's back and forth. It's never really perfect, but I do believe that Jim Schwartz is a good coordinator because he's invested in it and I trust him. And I know that being in this defense for me, and knowing what it look like when we doing it right, Jim is definitely good at putting us in position."

Cataldi asked Graham if Schwartz is the type of coordinator that has private conversations with his players and listens to their opinions.

"That always happens," the 11-year Eagles DE said. "It happens in front of the defense when we're all talking, he's real open about being accountable for himself and on top of figuring out what we want to do and what do we think. That's why I feel that he's a great coordinator because it's not just about what he does, it's about how we all can do this thing together and get it right. We're not that far off when you look at the film. It's just we got to get off on third down and we can't make eight penalties on defense."

It doesn't get any easier for Schwartz, Graham, and the Eagles' defense—which is allowing the 10th most points in the NFL (29.0 per game) and ranked 23rd by Football Outsiders' DVOA metric—on Sunday, as they'll face Lamar Jackson and the Baltimore Ravens.