Doug Pederson defends use of Jalen Hurts


"Doug why haven't you come up with a productive plan for using Jalen Hurts?" Angelo Cataldi asked Eagles head coach Doug Pederson on Tuesday morning, following the team's third straight loss putting them at 3-7-1 through 11 games.

"What do you mean a plan?" Pederson responded.

Despite reports before the game that rookie QB Hurts would see extended playing time and owner Jeffrey Lurie "gave directive" to pull Carson Wentz if he struggled, Hurts threw just one pass to Wentz's 45. Wentz completed just 25 of those 45 passes, took six more sacks, and threw another interception, and the Eagles accumulated just 70 yards of total offense in the first half.

"It goes back to, I guess—talking about stability, continuity, talking about sustainability, keeping drives alive," Pederson said of his plan to use Hurts. "If you recall on his couple of plays we had a false start to start first-and-10 and now we're first-and-15. And then, I believe there was a possible run on first-and-15 and [Hurt's] throw on second down and then we're back to a third and long situation.

"We did that with Carson in the game. We had false starts, we had penalties on offense. We put ourselves—and I talked about this a lot this week with our team. Our first down efficiency has to be better. We can't keep putting ourselves in these first-and-15's or the second or third and long situations. You can't sustain a drive, it's too hard."

Pederson admitted that he will try and get Hurts more pass attempts going forward.

"We do try and I sit with coach [Jeff] Stoutland and the staff and we come up with a plan that we think is beneficial that week for Jalen," Pederson said. "We knew going in that we were going to have to probably throw the ball a little more, and I think as we go that's something that probably has to happen a little bit more for him. But it never really manifested itself enough to keep that going consistently."