Eagles offense struggles again in loss to Seattle | Instant Analysis


The Eagles are a complete mess.

That is really the only takeaway from their latest loss, a 23-17 defeat at the hands of the Seattle Seahawks. The game started with a sad attempt to include two quarterbacks in the offense while not really committing to either, and ended with their $128 million quarterback throwing a terrible interception in the end zone.

Where do the 3-7-1 Eagles go from here? Will they bench Carson Wentz and go to Jalen Hurts?

Those will be topics of discussion all week, but for now, here are some initial thoughts from the loss:

*** Wentz’s accuracy was — once again — an issue to start to the game. Wentz had a wide-open Greg Ward on the opening drive over the middle of the field, but put it about five-yard ahead of him. On the third drive, Wentz had Dallas Goedert open about 40-yards down the field, but the ball was under thrown.
*** On the first play of the 2nd quarter Jalen Hurts came in. His first snap resulted in a false start, but his second was a nice completion to Alshon Jeffery along the sideline. Then, of course, he came out before the 3rd-and-eight play — which resulted in a Wentz sack.
*** The Eagles’ offense was a complete mess to start the game and their attempt to use two quarterbacks made it worse. On a 3rd-and-two play, Hurts ran out onto the field, only to see Wentz was in the huddle. He started to run back out, then back in, before Doug Pederson finally called a time out. On the 3rd-down attempt, Wentz and Hurts were both on the field, and the result was no gain on a read-option with Hurts under center and Wentz split out wide.
*** Wentz got going towards the end of the second half, and as a result, the offense heated up. The Eagles went on a 75-yard touchdown drive at the end of the second quarter, then followed that up with a 48-yard field goal drive at the start of the third quarter. Some quick, accurate throws from Wentz were key in fueling the scoring drives.
*** Wentz certainly seems to get a lot of passes batted at the line of scrimmage. Wentz had a 4th-and-2 pass batted down at the line of scrimmage at the start of the fourth quarter, ruining the play and giving the ball back to the Seahawks.
*** Wentz threw his 15th interception of the season with just under five minutes to play in the game, sailing the ball to nobody in particular in the end zone for the easy interception. It looked like maybe Wentz was trying to hit Goedert, but the ball was about 10 yards over his head and five yards behind him.
*** Maybe Wentz will start next week vs. Green Bay. Maybe he won't. Whatever happens, one thing is clear -- it might not be all his fault, but the only thing that can save this offense right now is trying Hurts as the full-time quarterback.

Running Backs
*** Something is off with Miles Sanders and Wentz. One of the team’s best connections on offense last season just hasn’t been able to get going this season, and that was the case on Monday night as well. Sanders let one pass slip through his hands on an easy completion along the sideline, and his only catch in the first half went for just two yards.

Wide Receivers
*** In the first half Alshon Jeffery got two targets. Travis Fulgham got one. Simply unacceptable, and after how dominant Fulgham was just a few weeks ago, unbelievable. Jeffery continued to play more than Fulgham throughout the game, something that is hard to understand considering where this team is at.
*** Dallas Goedert got the Eagles’ first touchdown on a three-yard pass from Carson Wentz just before the end of the first half. The touchdown pulled the Eagles to within 14-6 after Jake Elliott missed the extra point. Goedert got open all game, but Wentz was unable to hit him twice down the middle of the field for what should have been big gains.

Offensive Line
*** Snaps continue to be an issue for Jason Kelce. After struggling last week vs. Cleveland, Kelce sailed one over Wentz’s head with just over two minutes to play in the first half. Luckily, Wentz saved the play from being a complete disaster.

Defensive Line
*** Fletcher Cox with a sack on the opening drive of the game. Not only beat his man, but recovered after Wilson stepped up into the pocket and brought him down.
*** Derek Barnett and Javon Hargrave made a huge play early on, blowing up a misdirection play by the Seahawks on 4th-and-goal from the two-yard line. Barnett got to David Moore in the back field first, and Hargrave came in to help bring him down, keeping the Seahawks out of the end zone. Barnett made another big play on the next series, bringing down Russell Wilson on another fourth-down attempt by Seattle.

*** Alex Singleton continues to play well and look like a real find for the Eagles. He had a ton of energy at the beginning of the game, making a big hit on the goal line on the Seahawks first possession.

*** Darius Slay was following DK Metcalf throughout the game, and early on, the two got into it after the play. Metcalf was extra physical with Slay during the snap, and after as well, but it was Slay who got the flag for unsportsmanlike conduct. Malik Jackson was flagged for unsportsmanlike conduct on the next play, giving the Seahawks the ball on the five-yard line with a first-down. Not ideal to see back-to-back flags from two veterans when the team is trying to cut down on penalties.
*** Slay was beat deep by DK Metcalf at the beginning of the second quarter, a 52-yard gain that put the Seahawks on the one-yard line. Metcalf just ran right by Slay down the middle of the field. Two plays later, the Seahawks had a 7-0 lead. Slay struggled with Metcalf all night, which is understandable considering how good the second-year receiver is — but not exactly what the Eagles signed up for when they paid him to be a No. 1, shutdown cornerback.

Doug Pederson 
*** It is hard to put into words how bad the offense was to start. The first six plays on offense netted one yard. Their first three drives netted -5 yards. To try to put it into perspective, the Denver Broncos — playing with a practice squad WR at QB — had 27 yards of offense in the 1st quarter yesterday. The Eagles had 4 yards with just over five minutes to play in the first half.
*** Pederson challenged a DK Metcalf catch with just under five minutes to play in the third quarter, a 19-yard reception that put the Seahawks on the Eagles’ 35-yard line. The play was close, but the challenge failed, and the Eagles were down to just one timeout for the remainder of the game.

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