Jalen Reagor responds to Justin Jefferson hype, comparison


Every time the Minnesota Vikings play, the hype around rookie receiver Justin Jefferson gets louder — and with good reason.

Jefferson is having an absolutely monster rookie season with the Vikings, and has not only been the best rookie receiver in a loaded 2020 class, but has been one of the best receivers in the NFL period.

Jefferson’s success has certainly not gone unnoticed in Philadelphia, as it seems a large portion of Eagles’ fans wish their team would have selected Jefferson, who went No. 22 overall, at No. 21 instead of receiver Jalen Reagor. Fair or not, Jefferson is slowly becoming the bar that Reagor has to pass in the eyes of the fans (and media).

On Tuesday, Reagor was asked whether it hard not to pay attention to the success Jefferson is having.

“That is the only person that people bring up. Like I said, it is not for me to watch another man’s success and be like ‘I wish I was…’,” Reagor said. “It is what it is. He hasn’t had any injuries, I have. I can’t watch another man’s journey. I just have to be ready to conquer mine when the time comes. And I like I said, what is life without scars? It is what it is.”

Reagor was then asked if it bothers him how much the comparison to Jefferson is brought up.

“That is life. The longer ya’ll bring it up, I’m just gonna keep giving you the same answers. Ya’ll can keep bringing it up, ya’ll can keep saying ‘when guys like, when guys like’…what else do you want me to do?” Reagor said. “I can’t go make those things happen, when you know, is just certain things you got to know, when your time is coming, it is going to come.  What is meant to be, it’ll be.”

Reagor is right — there isn’t much he can do about the comparisons. It was Howie Roseman who selected Reagor over Jefferson. All Reagor can do is concentrate on being the best version of the player he can be. Despite missing time this season with injuries, Reagor has shown some potential, hauling in a 55-yard catch in Week 1 and scoring a big touchdown agains the Dallas Cowboys in Week 8.

Still, the reality is that the comparisons between Reagor and Jefferson aren’t going anywhere. The Eagles went into the 2020 NFL Draft looking for an impact receiver. They passed on one in Jefferson. It remains to be seen if Reagor can become the impact player Jefferson is.

And until we have the answer to that question, it is going to remain a hot-topic in Philadelphia.

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