Should Eagles trade for Allen Robinson?


Chicago Bears receiver Allen Robinson has reportedly asked to be traded, according to a report from the Chicago Tribune.

Robinson and the Bears are currently in a contract dispute. The star receiver is in the final year of his three-year, $42 million deal and has a base salary of $10.9 million.

Robinson recently removed all mentioned of the Chicago Bears from his social media accounts.

When any player is available, whether it is via a trade or in free agency, the Eagles discuss it.

What will they decide on the potential of adding Robinson?

There is zero question Robinson fills a big need on their roster. As much as the young receivers have impressed, adding an established, in-his-prime receiver like Robinson would take the offense to another level. Robinson, who is only 27-years old, also projects perfectly next to rookie Jalen Reagor. The duo would give the Eagles an outstanding set of receivers to build around for the next few years.

The main issue in acquiring Robinson would be the money and allocating more resources into the receiver position.

Financially, the Eagles would take on Robinson’s base salary in any trade with Chicago. Robinson has already received one week’s check from Chicago, so his remaining base salary would be right around $9.9 million. The Eagles currently have around $20 million in salary cap space, so they could fit Robinson. The issue, of course, is the 2021 salary cap and having to extend Robinson.

The Eagles are currently projected to be around $70 million over the salary cap in 2021. If they were to trade a draft pick for Robinson, they would be digging that whole deeper.

Howie Roseman made it clear after final cuts that the Eagles tough financial situation is going to make it difficult to take on any salary.

“I don't think we're in the position to take on a lot of money anymore,” Roseman said. “I think we need that cap space to roll over to make sure that we are in position to keep the balance of the team together in 2021. It's just the reality of the situation and the world we're living in.”

The Eagles could try to trade salary away in a deal for Robinson. Tight end Zach Ertz, who is in the same situation as Robinson, could be a trade piece if Chicago wants to give Ertz the deal he is looking for. Contractually the money Robinson is seeking likely isn’t that different from what Ertz is, considering they are both the No. 1 pass catchers for their team. Paying Robinson instead of Ertz would allow the Eagles to move Dallas Goedert into the No. 1 tight end spot.

Ertz has a base salary of $6.2 million in 2020, so the Eagles would be taking on more salary in a potential swap of the two, but moving Ertz would offset a significant chunk of Robinson's base salary.

If the Eagles didn’t trade Ertz, they would likely have to send at least a second-or-third round pick to Chicago for Robinson — if not more. Considering the offensive line issues they have, trading away draft picks and handing out more money to a receiver could be viewed as a questionable use of resources.

Yes, Robinson would improve the team, but the offensive line issues — both right now and for the future — are real.

It is hard to justify prioritizing adding another receiver over trying to fix the line.

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