Jimmy Butler Files Trademarks for His NBA Bubble Coffee Business


The Miami Heat have burst out of the gates in the Eastern Conference Finals and currently lead the Boston Celtics, 2-0.

An overtime victory and one of the greatest blocks ever witnessed throughout the history of the NBA postseason told the story of Game 1.

And a 17-point deficit turned six-point victory was the way in which Game 2 came to an end. Jimmy Butler, as usual, was a huge factor in the team's comeback performance.

And as important as Butler is on the court, he may be a reason for the team's hot streak because of his off-the-floor contributions, too. After all, they're playing with insane energy out there, night in and night out, and defying expectations every step of the way. Through 11 playoff games, they're 10-1 despite being the lower seed in each an every game.

No, we're not talking about Jimmy's individual efforts that almost got him in trouble with the Disney hotel staff. We're talking about the extra energy he's given his team thanks to "Big Face Coffee," his business that he started in the bubble in his hotel room. Clearly, it's working. And he's ready to take it beyond Disney and into the real world.

According to trademark attorney Josh Gerben, Butler has filed three new trademarks for his business. He goes over the legal implications and more of the trademark details in a fun video, seen below (h/t Jack Baer of Yahoo! Sports).

Gerben found two more trademark filings after Caleb Mezzy spotted the first.

Butler told Rachel Nichols of ESPN about his coffee business when discussing how he had been spending his time early on in the bubble.

"I'm working on my coffee skills," Butler said. "After my career, I'm opening up my coffee shop. Right now I'm charging 20 bucks a cup, so if you want some, come through.

"Small, medium and large, all of it's 20 dollars a cup."

Butler explained that you can't get coffee anywhere else here, but it was laughed off by Nichols as if he was exaggerating just a little bit. Nope.

Demand is obviously high, given those prices. But you can see just how devastated his teammates are when Butler's operation is closed, so maybe he's on to something.

With the Heat living up to their name and bringing the high-energy style of basketball that has provided them so much success to the floor every night, we don't blame Butler for wanting to keep his entrepreneurial venture going -- $20 a cup may be a little steep once he steps back outside the bubble, though.

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