The legend of Nick Foles grows with this story about his game-winning TD pass


While the Eagles are reeling at 0-2-1 and Carson Wentz has the NFL's worst QB rating is the "bench him" murmurs have begun, Nick Foles — who replaced a struggling Mitch Trubisky in the second half of Sunday's game — threw three touchdown passes in the fourth quarter helping the Bears to a comeback win and a 3-0 record.

Classic Foles.

But the story behind the game-winning touchdown is so Foles, it hurts.

"I've spoken with folks in Chicago, here's what happens at the two-minute warning," Peter Schrager said on Good Morning Football. "It's third and eight, Nick Foles looks at Anthony Miller and says, 'If it's an all-out blitz, I need you to run to the 'L' in the end zone.' He's like, 'What?' 'Run to the 'L' in Atlanta Falcons in the end zone. Just run there and I'll find you. They have time to talk about it, 'Just go there if it's an all-out blitz.'"


Foles finished the game 16-29 with 188 yards, 3 TDs, and 1 INT and the comeback victory. It seems like Foles is now the starting QB in Chicago.