Kerr: ‘Excellent chance’ Steph returns in March, not counting on Klay

Stephen Curry expected to return in March, Klay Thompson doubtful to play this season
Photo credit Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images
By 95.7 THE GAME

Steve Kerr is confident that at least one of his superstar guards, aka Stephen Curry, will be back before the close of the season. 

Kerr shared the injury updates on the “Posted Up” podcast with Yahoo Sports’ Chris Haynes.


Steve Kerr on Steph & Klay's return this season:"Steph for sure... I think there's an excellent chance he comes back in March... Klay I doubt will play."

— Chris Montano (@gswchris) January 9, 2020

For those keeping track at home, the regular season ends on April 15 in Sacramento.