Curry's COVID-19 Q&A with Dr. Fauci has watch time of 10.6 years

Curry and Fauci Q&A drew watch time of 10.6 years
Photo credit Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports
By 95.7 THE GAME
This is what you call the Curry effect.

Update on @StephenCurry30's chat with Dr. Fauci. 93K hours of watch time (10.6 years) across 146 countries. Depending on social platform, 23-43% of viewers are under 35. #SCASKSFAUCI

— Bryant Barr (@bryantabarr) March 30, 2020

Those numbers are truly staggering, especially the 10.6 YEARS part.

For those who missed the more than 28-minute Q&A, which featured President Barack Obama sliding into the comments section, the archived version is available below, courtesy of Curry's Twitter:

Thank you to everyone who tuned in earlier today on Instagram Live! I wanted to make sure everyone had access to the conversation on COVID-19 with Dr. Fauci. Please share as much as possible. Thank you! #SCASKSFAUCI

— Stephen Curry (@StephenCurry30) March 26, 2020