Papa: ‘I would not have given Bryce Harper this contract’

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By 95.7 THE GAME
Suffice it to say that Greg Papa thinks the Giants were smart to not dole out a 13-year, $330 million deal to Bryce Harper. That’s the pact that the right fielder and the Phillies struck.

Would you want Bryce Harper on these terms?

— 95.7 The Game (@957thegame) February 28, 2019

“I would not have given him this contract,” Papa told Bonta Hill on 95.7 The Game. “If you’re a Giant fan, you’re glad that you would pass on this.”

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Bonta views the situation in a decidely different manner, as you can hear for yourself...

Forget the years. Forget the money.The #SFGiants missed out on Bryce Harper.@BontaHill says the team is “basically unwatchable again.”

— 95.7 The Game (@957thegame) February 28, 2019