‘I’m Kevin Durant. You know who I am’ — KD sounds like a man ready to put a 40-piece on Patrick Beverley and the Clippers

By 95.7 THE GAME

Wearing his gold “Strength in Numbers” sweatshirt, his hood pulled over his head, Kevin Durant is leaning back in his chair.

Just off the floor at the Rakuten Performance Center in Downtown Oakland, there’s a bright blue canopy draped behind him. There are three Larry O’Brien trophies drawn below the following script: “Back-to-Back Champs.”

Durant, who was thrown out of Game 1 after earning a pair of double techs (in exchanges with Patrick Beverley that were separated by just 19 seconds on the game clock and who fouled out of the Game 2 debacle), looks like a man on fire.

He looks nothing like the dude who had more turnovers (nine) than field-goal attempts (eight), while Beverley bothered him all night.

He looks like a guy ready to put a 40-piece on Beverley and the Clippers.

“I’m not going to get in the way of the game because I want to have a back-and-forth with Patrick Beverley.”

“I’m Kevin Durant.”

*Long stare, pregnant pause*

“You know who I am.”

*Turns head and looks to the other side of the scrum*

“Y’all know who I am.”

KD didn’t look mad. He looked supremely confident. For Beverley and the Clippers, that portends doom.