Klay to KD on IG: ‘He’s the reason there are banners hanging in the rafters’

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By 95.7 THE GAME

The usually reserved Klay Thompson has taken to Instagram, posting an extensive message to Kevin Durant.

Here's how Thompson's note begins:

"Gameday, and it’s obviously a big one.But DubNation, I need you to reflect on the fact that we would not be in this position if it weren’t for this man and his sacrifices. He’s the reason there are banners hanging in the rafters..."

A post shared by Klay Thompson (@klaythompson) on Jun 13, 2019 at 12:30pm PDT

Durant, aka easymoneysniper, promptly responded: "Love you bro!"

Thompson responded in kind: "love u 2 bro we celebrate life when the season over."

On the eve of the final Warriors’ Game at Oracle Arena, Thompson, the Game-6 assassin, hit a similar note, saying he anticipates a raucous night at 7000 Coliseum Way.

“I expect our fans to be the loudest they have ever been, especially in the name of Kevin and bringing his type of spirit he would bring to the fight and the competitiveness,” Thompson said after practice at the Warriors’ home building on Wednesday.

Durant is currently in New York, recovering from his Achilles’ surgery.

“I know our fans will do that because we deserve it, but more importantly Kevin does for what he gave this team, this organization. There wouldn't be banners if it wasn't for his presence. So we expect our crowd to be loud for him.”