Kapler: 'I have not talked to MadBum yet’

By 95.7 THE GAME

Not quite two weeks into his Giants tenure, Gabe Kapler, the club’s new manager, has yet to speak with Madison Bumgarner, the October icon and current free agent.

“I have not talked to MadBum yet,” Kapler said on 95.7 The Game on Thursday.

“And I’m very interested to see how that all plays out,” Kapler continued. “I know that he’s out there exploring and I completely understand his perspective on that.”

Bonta, Steiny & Guru had a couple follow-ups for the dugout boss.

Have you sent him a text? Just to ask him to grab some coffee?


“I haven’t done that. I’ve been really, really focused on staffing,” Kapler said. “I have connected with a few players. It’s my intention, prior to spring training, to connect with every player on our roster and even our free agents who are still free agents.” 

“Right now we’re focused heavily on building that foundation. We’re focused on bringing in a hardworking, capable staff that will put our players in the best position to succeed.”

On if he anticipates Bumgarner being his opening day starter:

“I’m pretty, I’m pretty focused — before we get to the roster, I know that Farhan Zaidi and Scott Harris, our president of baseball ops and GM, are both making very difficult decisions right now. 

“They’re deciding what our roster is going to look like. Obviously, that’s a very collaborative process. We’re having conversations every day, but right now we’re focused on building a really good coaching staff. And, I believe, I trust, that our roster will be strong at the end of the day.”