Urban: It’s time for Oracle to remind everyone what home-court advantage really means

By 95.7 THE GAME

It’s been said that a series doesn’t start until the home team loses a game.

Not sure who, exactly, said it, but the guess is that they’re the same knuckleheads behind the notion that the higher seed loses home-court advantage should the team lose one of the first two games at home.

BUT, they say, all that higher seed needs to do is “steal”a road win of their own and boom! Home-court advantage restored.

I’d love to take the time to have some fun poking through the many holes in these tired sports clichés. But this being the Internet, which fosters and caters to the short-attention-span theater that further permeates our society with every diagnosis of ADHD, I’d run the risk of losing my audience to the latest link offering breathless accounts of Selena Gomez’s latest whatever.

So here are the Cliffs Notes version: If the first adage we offered were true, the Warriors/Rockets series has not yet begun. So all of the ridiculousness, the drama, the debates and the countless Hot Takes produced by the first four games that apparently didn’t happen? All a product of your imagination.

Bummer, right? I’ve been operating under the idea that a series doesn’t start until Chris Paul tears either a quad or a hammy.

As for the higher seed losing its home-court advantage with a (series-starting) loss, come on. The biggest perk of being the higher seed is having Game 7, if it comes to that, in your own barn. And nothing can ever change that.

Unless, of course, Rockets GM Daryl Morey comes up with a long and whiney report detailing the injustice of it all.

Look, if you’re a legit basketball fan — not just of the Warriors or Rockets, but of the beauty of the game played at the very highest level — you WANT this bad boy to go seven games.

Every game, especially in today’s NBA, brings suspense, brilliance, and all the drama you could possibly handle.

And debates! The more games, no matter where they go down, means debate upon debate upon debate.

Is KD the best player on the planet?

Are the Warriors still Steph’s team?

Does not James Harden’s signature flop move — the violent backward jerking of his neck, pointing The Beard to the rafters — make him look like a giant Pez dispenser? How much would the proportionate block of candy emerging from his neck during said flop weigh? Ten pounds? Twenty?

Is Daryl Morey a visionary to be applauded for his transparency and passion, or simply a whack job who managed to keep it all together until Game 1 snapped him.

Don’t even trip, Daryl. The series hasn’t even started!

That’s what “they” say, anyway. And they say you have a chance to start the series AND get home-court advantage with the win on Wednesday.

“They” need to cork it. Tired tropes and skewed logic don’t apply here. We’re watching a series that could very well go down as an all-timer.

Time to really bring it, Roaracle. Time to remind everyone of what home-court advantage really means.