‘What kind a–hole do you have to be?’ — Barkley sounds off on Beyoncé fans, the media & the Finals

By 95.7 THE GAME

Charles Barkley is truly incomparable.

The Hall of Famer turned TNT star joined Papa and Bonta Hill for a wide-ranging interview in advance of Game 4 of the NBA Finals that was radio gold.

Chuck told the guys he doesn’t think Kevin Durant will come back, called Klay Thompson the best two guard of the past five to seven years among other myriad topics.

Asked about Mark Stevens, the Warriors investor who shoved Kyle Lowry, Barkley made it clear he has no problem with the year-long fine or $500K fine, but he doesn’t think the situation needs to escalate any further.

“Mr. Stevens was wrong, 100 percent wrong…”

“I’m not in the mob, the mob mentality. I don’t do social media because I think most of these people are jacka--es who are on social media. I think they live with their mom and their dad and they sit around all day with a robe on and just sit around and feel like they need to voice their opinion…”

“I was reading about the poor lady who was talking to Jay-Z. She’s getting death threats. What kind a--hole do you have to be, just because someone’s talking to Jay-Z, you feel the need to threaten their life?”

“You just crazy.”

“What kind a--hole do you have to be, just because someone’s talking to Jay-Z, you feel the need to threaten their life?”Charles Barkley brought the -- w/ Papa & @BontaHill pic.twitter.com/fE2KEvjPIc

— 95.7 The Game (@957thegame) June 7, 2019

Not going to pay him to enter the Twitterverse…

Barkley: When they offered me $2 million to do social media, I said, ‘You don’t have enough money in the world to put me on the internet with these fools every day, all day.'
Papa: How about $20 million, Charles?
Barkley: Uhh, no. I already got that.

On how talk so much about the off-the-court stuff, most notably free agency…

“No. 1, that’s probably the best question I’ve ever been asked on a radio show…”

“I think these media people are so full of crap.”

“It really just bothers me. Think about it.”“We’ve talked more about free agency this year than the #Warriors going to the Finals for five years in a row.”Charles Barkley with the facts via Papa & ⁦@BontaHillpic.twitter.com/WQAJpf2oFB

— 95.7 The Game (@957thegame) June 7, 2019

“It’s gotten to the point where I’m just laughing. This notion where you’ve got every idiot, fool and moron on radio or TV, is lying every day, saying, ‘A source tells me or somebody close to the situation. KD’s going to the Knicks. Kawhi’s going to the Clippers. Kyrie, he was going to New York a month ago, now, yesterday, he’s going to the Nets…”

“I’ve got to the point where I can’t even watch this stuff anymore because all these guys are lying. And y'all going to let them get away with it because no one’s going to hold their feet to the fire when these guys don’t go anywhere.”

“And I think it’s an embarrassment to the NBA that we’re talking about where guys are going to play next year from the beginning of the season…”