San Francisco Family Shelter Seeks Rain Gear Donations

Rain gear Raincoat and umbrella and rubber boots on a white background. Protective, footwear. (Photo credit: Tetiana Rozhnovska/Dreamstime)
Photo credit (Photo credit: Tetiana Rozhnovska/Dreamstime)
By 95.7 THE GAME
SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS RADIO) - Raphael House in San Francisco has been guiding families out of homelessness since 1971.

"In that time period, we actually have served 22,000 individuals. But with a success rate of 85 percent," Mark Slater, executive director of Raphael House says. And how do they measure success? "So success for us is pretty much an 85 percent success rate of families remaining in their homes or stably housed throughout their lives."

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Slater explains in a lounge with books, a piano, and a foosball table that the staff tries to make this place as home-like as possible.

"So really our families come to Raphael House and they have a specific space for each age," Slater says. "So they have a teen room, we have a toddler room, we have an art room, a computer room, as well too,"

There is a roof deck with an herb garden and a solarium that's almost more penthouse-like than home-like. What they don't have in this weather, is rain gear. "All size boots for men women and children. Also, umbrellas are key, because, during the rainy season like this, you know umbrellas, we all have one. But a lot of our families come in without that."

If you wish to help, 95.7 The Game and our sister stations in the Bay Area are gathering galoshes, umbrellas, raincoats, general rain gear for Raphael House. Click here via their donation page on the website for more information.