Jerry Rice says he'd go with Joe Montana 'any day' over Tom Brady


The self-proclaimed greatest wide receiver in NFL history has offered his thoughts on which legendary quarterback he sees as the best to ever do it.

Niners legend Jerry Rice -- who turned heads last month when he forcefully rejected Randy Moss' claim to throne -- was asked Monday whether he'd want former teammate Joe Montana or Tom Brady leading his offense in the fourth quarter with the game on the line.

Rice, appearing on 95.7 The Game's The Morning Roast, made it clear where he stands.

Spoiler alert: He's sticking with his fellow San Francisco legend.

“It’s a whole different era, and I would go with Montana any day because he was Joe Cool, and he was in an era where he was not as protected,” Rice explained. "I'm going to go with Joe Montana because, like I said, it was a different era."

Rice said he wasn't denigrating Brady's game, but the evolution of the sport has him favoring the stars of yesteryear.

"Not taking anything away from what's happening today, but you look at the game today, the way it's played, you look at how receivers are protected," he added. "I never thought I would see an era where the running back doesn't have to be on the ground for them to stop the play because this, to me, is supposed to be tackle football."

While Rice gives the edge to Joe Cool, most of the head-to-head figures favor Touchdown Tom.

In addition to comparatively better numbers in traditional stats such as yards and touchdowns, Brady also has the advantage in Super Bowl titles, MVP awards, and Pro Bowl nods.

Both quarterbacks were recognized as All-Pros three times.

While Brady might go down in books as the game's greatest player at its most important position, he might also best exemplify Montana's enduring legacy as a consummate winner and the face of a dynastic franchise that came to dominate the sport for over a decade.

It seems fitting, then, that Brady grew up a 49ers fan in San Mateo, California -- and idolized Montana.

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