Drew Brees' dud in reported career finale prompts criticism, jokes, tributes on social media


Football Twitter was blunt in its evaluation of Saints quarterback Drew Brees' uncharacteristically poor performance in his team's season-ending defeat at the hands of the Tampa Bay Bucs on Sunday.

Brees, who was set to retire at the conclusion of the Saints' season, according to a pregame report, recorded a career-worst three interceptions as New Orleans' offense sputtered against a Bucs defense that seemed to stiffen up in the second half.

Football journalists, observers and fans didn't exactly sugarcoat their thoughts on feelings on Brees' night, especially in the context of his reportedly impending retirement.

Some suggested it was sad to witness one of the game's stars potentially going out on a low.

Others said that Brees' decline -- perhaps best illustrated in his declining arm strength -- is undeniable anymore.

Social media being what it is, many others of course took the humorous route.

Others tried to put it in historical perspective.

Some fans were choked up by scenes of Brees appearing to bid farewell as he exited the field for potentially the final time in his career.

If it was in fact the end for Brees, fans of the rival Falcons weren't exactly sad to see it.

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