KD discusses what he learned from playing with Steph, Klay and Draymond

Durant joined "The Corp" podcast and talked about his former teammates

Kevin Durant may no longer play for the Golden State Warriors but he still has respect for his former teammates.

KD was on "The Corp" podcast where he talked about several topics. Among the conversations he was asked what he took away from playing with Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, and Draymond Green.

"To be with Steph, somebody that is so skilled at the game -- his methods on how he gets those shots off and his balance when he's shooting those shots," Durant said. "His approach to his craft is a little different from the norm... It's really hard to explain. He's pretty good at everything when it comes to hand-eye coordination and you can see it when he's working out. Just took small gems from him on shooting and ball-handling and passing."

The two-time NBA Finals MVP then went on to talk about the other Splash Brother.

"And Klay just somebody who's a machine. He never stops -- moving around on the floor. His jump shot is so quick. So just the real small intricate parts of the game I tried to take from everybody."

Alex Rodriguez followed that up by asking KD about Draymond's game.

“Well, he (Draymond) was kind of the glue,” Durant said. “If he seen a fire out there on defense he was gonna be the one to cover it up… When you look at Draymond, you only may see the antics as far as how he hypes the crowd up or how he wants to hype his team up, but the small stuff that he does in a game really is beneficial for guys like Steph, Klay and myself.”