'Klay looks great' — Myers gives health update on Splash Brother

Golden State's basketball boss joined Bonta, Kate and Shasky on The Morning Roast Wednesday

Warriors President of Basketball Operations and General Manager joined The Morning Roast Wednesday and he gave an update on Klay Thompson.

"Klay looks great," Myers said. "He's missing it for sure. I mean, basketball is so big to him. It's almost like he doesn't know what to do without basketball... So he kinda needs it. It's like his breathing is playing basketball. So he's back at it."

Despite being fully cleared, the three-time NBA champ still has one more obstacle to overcome before he's 100% back to the Klay Thompson fans know and love.

"The final piece to his puzzle is live NBA action, where that kind of speed and you can't replicate that speed even in camp," Myers said. "You need to experience that and that's nothing against him or us, you just can't do that right now. You're gonna need to do that in training camp, in the preseason if there is one or right into the season. And so that's the part that he just needs to get over but he will and we're confident that he can. It's just we haven't been able to provide that. That's not available anywhere."