Report: Dame has been 'campaigning' for Draymond trade for a couple of years

Green has excelled after delayed start to season
By 95.7 The Game

Ahhh the NBA rumor mill truly never sleeps, even when the purported rumors in question don't seem to make any sense.

The Warriors are just seven games into the season and appear to have gotten things on track after a decidedly wobbly opening two games of the season, which saw them drop games to the Nets and Bucks by a combined 65 points. The team has since won four of five, coinciding, in part, in the stabilizing effects felt by the return of Draymond Green.

And yet, there is still talk of whether the Warriors would unload Green, should the season careen back off the rails. And that's where Damian Lillard and the Portland Trail Blazers enter the conversation...

"If we were handicapping Draymond trade destinations if the Warriors decided to blow it up...that's the one," Sam Amick said on The Athletic NBA Show podcast (h/t Bleacher Report).

"Damian and his group have for the last couple years been campaigning for that."

The long term campaigning is noteworthy in light of the fact that Lillard is oft-regarded as one of the league's anti-super team guys, the guy who stays put rather than departing town after repeatedly getting smacked in the playoffs.

Right now, it's all moot. The Warriors, for the moment, look intriguing, not like some team inevitably destined to the lottery, for the second time in as many seasons. So, stay tuned.