Kyrie Irving issues statement instead of speaking to reporters during NBA Media Week


Nets star Kyrie Irving declined to field questions from reporters as part of NBA Media Week, instead explaining his decision in a vague statement.

The 28-year-old point guard said he was passing on interacting with journalists this week "to ensure that my message is conveyed properly."

“I am committed to show up to work everyday, ready to have fun, compete, perform, and win championships alongside my teammates and colleagues in the Nets organization," Irving said. "My goal this season is to let my work on and off the court speak for itself."

Citing the profound impact of the coronavirus, the former Cavaliers and Celtics star said, "life hit differently this year and it requires us, it requires me, to move differently. So, this is the beginning of that change."

However, according to Brian Windhorst of ESPN, Irving's apparent media blackout will extend beyond just Media Week.

Windhorst, discussing a variety of NBA topics on ESPN's "The Jump" program on Friday afternoon, reportedly said Irving will in fact boycott the media throughout the upcoming season, which is set to tip off on Dec. 22.

Irving, now entering his 10th season in the league, has made more than his share of strange headlines over the years, from jokingly(?) arguing that the earth was flat to boldly proclaiming that the Nets don't have a head coach in the traditional sense.

The Duke product has previously expressed frustration that his comments have been misconstrued or taken out of context, lambasting what he called a "clickbait society" over coverage of his comments about the Nets' coaching situation.

Now, after declining to speak for Media Week, it's what Irving's not saying that is turning heads. Stay tuned.