Frank Gore Reacts to His Son's College Football Debut


There are a lot of things that go to show just how special Frank Gore's career longevity is. He ranks third all-time in both rushing attempts and rushing yards. He ranks third in games played among running backs throughout NFL history, tied with Emmitt Smith at 226, and has a very real chance to end 2020 at the top of the list, as he's only 13 games behind Lorenzo Neal for first place. No running back has even come close to his production after the age of 30; his 6,508 (and counting) post-30 yards is way higher than Emmitt Smith's 5,789 in second place.

But there are also occurrences outside of his stats and football production that make you shake your head in wonder at the fact that he's still an active player. Take what happened on Thursday, for example, when his son, Frank Gore Jr., made his college football debut for Southern Mississippi.

And Frank Sr. was there every step of the way.

We can only imagine the elder Frank's reaction after his son made an incredibly heady play on the goal line... and his subsequent reaction once the play was unfortunately called back.

Gore Jr. signed with Southern Mississippi as a three-star running back prospect, ranking at No. 65 among those at his position (via 247 Sports). This wasn't quite the same hype that his father had drawn; the current Jets running back was a top-20 prospect nationally after shattering records in Dade County throughout high school before setting in at Miami (via Miami Hurricanes official website).

Gore Sr. told the Sun Herald that his son has great vision and that he's versatile, able to catch the ball and run routes just as well as he can pound it on the ground.

We wonder where he got that skill set from... it couldn't possibly be from his future Hall of Fame father, who, at 37, is still tearing it up in training camp.

"He looks the same as he did 12 years ago," Jets head coach Adam Gase said. "I can't explain it. When I watch him I flash back to 2008."

Only time will tell if Frank Jr. is able to live up to the lofty standards and expectations that will inevitably follow him every step of the way after the illustrious career of his dad.

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