Rice: ‘I think Aaron Donald knows who Deebo Samuel is right now’

49ers legend joined The Morning Roast for his weekly call
By 95.7 The Game

In the aftermath of the 49ers’ 23-20 win over the Rams, 49er great Jerry Rice joined The Morning Roast and shared his thoughts on the victory and the performance of one Deebo Samuel.

“I saw Deebo as, I’m just gonna say it, he was a pissed-off receiver,” Rice said of Samuel, who went for 11 receptions and 133 yards.

“You know, Aaron Donald, what he said about Deebo, like, ‘Who is Deebo Samuel? I think he knows who Deebo Samuel is right now.”

For those unaware, after the 49ers’ 24-16 Week 6 win, Donald, the Rams star, said he didn’t know who the second-year 49er was.

After the 49er completed the sweep on Sunday, Samuel fired off a tweet of his own:

Check out the full interview with Rice below: