What is the Reason for Underwhelming NBA Ratings in the Bubble? Rick Bonnell Explains

By Sports Radio WFNZ

The Charlotte Hornets beat reporter for the Charlotte Observer joined the Clubhouse as they first discussed the underwhelming NBA ratings for the restart and Kyle asked if had to do with the NBA's strong stance on social justice issues and politics.

"I don't think it's statically insignificant. I think that there are people who want athletes want to keep their opinions to themselves are still entertained by the product, but the main thing is until we get interesting playoff games in the 2nd round of the playoffs, people are only going to be so interested in the current product after a long layoff."

Kyle then shifted to the action inside the bubble as he asked Rick if people are forgetting about the Raptors in the Eastern Conference and Rick responded: "It kinda reminds me of the Virginia squad after Ralph Sampson left and everybody just assumed that they were falling apart, but what people missed is that so many other people gained valuable experience after last year's title run and they have a squad that can go after the Bucks."

Rick also discussed with Kyle the second bubble for teams like the Hornets becoming less likely and Rick said: "It was always a tough ask to get the union to agree to let the teams who aren't in Orlando to go scrimmage against each other, but it's a reasonable ask. If the Hornets are unable to get together for group practices and they will go 9 months without group practices, it will just be unfair to the Hornets."