WATCH: Pirates Reliever Richard Rodriguez Throws One of the Worst Pitches Ever


Most of the horrible pitches we've seen on a Major League mound come from celebrities trying to throw out a first pitch. Some of those plays resurfaced this year, after Dr. Anthony Fauci couldn't quite find the plate on Opening Day.

But hey, at least it led to one of the best-selling Topps cards of all time. And at least Fauci didn't make up the fact that he had been invited to throw out the first pitch before backing out.

But, I digress.

The point is, you never really see pitches like that at the MLB level unless it's coming from a non-MLB pitcher. But in rare cases, like the one we saw in today's Pirates-Tigers game, a professional hurler completely loses his ability.

It does appear that Rodriguez's cleat jammed him up during the delivery, thus altering his release and sending the pitch way off the plate. Entering Sunday's game, Rodriguez was actually pitching quite well -- he had appeared in six games and surrendered two runs -- but it was this rough outing that resulted in a loss and a Tigers sweep of his Pirates.

But Rodriguez shouldn't worry too much. He's actually in pretty good company in terms of some of the game's most hilariously bad pitches.

There, of course, are also some less notable names who threw horrendous pitches, including my personal favorite from Matt Chico.

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