A's Coach Claims Malicious-Appearing Salute Not What It Looks Like


Oakland Athletics bench coach Ryan Christenson made a gesture in the A's postgame celebration of their Thursday afternoon win over the Texas Rangers that may threaten his job security.

Video of the team's postgame elbow-bump line appeared to capture Christenson holding his hand up in a manner similar to the "Sieg Heil" salute most associated with Nazi Germany. After pitcher Liam Hendricks attempted to correct him, he was seen holding his arm up in the same fashion again and laughing:

Christenson spoke with San Francisco Chronicle reporter Susan Slusser after the game, and explained that he was trying to do a karate chop celebration with Hendriks and did not realize how he looked until the pitcher told "no straight arm!"

"Obviously, I wasn't doing that intentionally," he said. "I just blacked out, my mind wasn't there and I spaced out. i'm sure it looks terrible. I did it but it was not intentional. I don't know what more to say."

Many on social media were quick to call out Christenson, but the coach said he "apologizes for everything."

"I'm cringing inside picturing myself," Christenson said. "Of corse I'm sorry for it -- it's like standing there with my middle finger up. Anyone should know better."

He also issued this statement, along with the team:

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