Angelica Vila Interview

Bri Briggs

On Monday, I talked with Angelica Vila, born and raised in New York, mentored by Fat Joe and one of the most humble and genuine artists I've talked with.

When I listen to Angelica Vila's music I can relate, she talks about love, heartbreak, and my favorite message when it comes to love, how when you WANT a certain man, but you certainly don't NEED that man (because that's how boss women love lol). With her strong Bronx, New York accent she gave me the inside scoop about her album, "Deception," which drops later this year and talked about relationships, advice for artists looking to grow, how she would love to collab with Mulatto (another one of my personal favs), and so much more.

Angelica is definitely an artist to watch out for and I am excited to see where she goes from here.