WATCH: Dad enjoys backyard skate ramp with son who uses wheelchair


Some videos perfectly capture pure unadulterated joy.

"Good Morning America" shared a clip of a young boy in a wheelchair enjoying a skate ramp and his elation will definitely leave you smiling as well.

In the clip, Paz Jimez can be seen having a blast with his father, Peter, while playing on his uncle’s backyard skate ramp. The youngster beams with a big smile on his face while his father rolls his wheelchair up and down the ramp.

The little boy is safely strapped into the wheelchair and wears a helmet, as his father pushes from behind.

Since GMA posted the video, it has received more than 9,000 views.

Social media users were captivated by the adorable video, as many commented on the boy’s infectious smile.

“Absolutely precious,” one person said. “His smile is pure joy.”

While another user commented, “That smile on his face is soooooo epic.”

Many watched the interaction and praised the father for his heroic actions.

One user said, “What a great dad. Thank you for showing there is still good men out there.”

As many celebrated the amazing father, others said they teared up watching the beautiful video.

One user in particular noted how the video brought tears to her eyes and made her whole day.

Here's to everyone sharing in other's people's happiness.

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