AJ McLean Warns You to Stay '6 Feet Back' on Backstreet Boys Coronavirus Parody

Chris Mann from 'The Voice' just wants to be friends with AJ

When the coronavirus pandemic hit and society shifted to finding entertainment at home, The Voice’s Chris Mann did what he does best, but took singing to a whole new level. The classically-trained singer has started a series of viral parody videos where he utilizes popular songs to discuss common topics during the pandemic.

His first video, "My Corona," a parody of "My Sharona" exploded on social media and garnered 20 million views in less than a week.

Since then the Backstreet Boys’, AJ McLean has discovered Mann’s parody videos and almost immediately wanted to collaborate. In an interview with Today Parents McLean shares, “I was like, I need to reach out to this guy because we’ve got to do something together.”

Finally, this month AJ and Chris have released a glorious medley of “I Wanna it That Way” and “Everybody”, which they use as their tune for their new parody song, “I’m Friends with AJ/ 6 Feet Back (Alright).”

The video details the “new normal” we are all facing with quarantine and social distancing with some added comedic moments where Mann reveals he’d like to be the sixth backstreet boy.

Both AJ and Chris live in California, however, the new comedic duo shot the video separately at home in order to quarantine properly. Mann and McLean’s wives each shot the respective videos.

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