Report: Eagles interviewed Joe Brady for head coach job


The Eagles have completed an interview with Carolina offensive coordinator Joe Brady, according to an NFL Network report.

Brady, just 31-years old, has had a meteoric rise in the NFL over the last few seasons. Brady went from working with the New Orleans Saints as an offensive assistant for two seasons in 2017 and 2018 to offensive coordinator at LSU in 2019, where he oversaw one of the best offensives in college football history.

Brady then had his choice of jobs last offseason, including the Eagles’ offensive coordinator job, but elected to go to Carolina where he was able to call the plays. Although the Panthers’ offensive production was not great — 24th in points, 21st in yards — many feel that was due to a lack of talent as opposed to poor coaching.

Brady checks off all the boxes the Eagles will be looking for — bright offensive mind, exciting new hire, thought of highly around the league and yet likely not powerful enough to ask for complete control over his staff/personnel just yet.

The Eagles making the move to bring in Brady now would certainly be a high-risk, high-reward decision.

The risk is clear — Brady is only 31-years old and has only spent three total seasons working in the NFL. Of those three, only one was in an important role. Brady might be viewed as having a bright offensive mind, but being a head coach is about much more than offensive schemes — although they are important. It is fair to wonder how Brady will do managing a staff that will likely be filled with coaches older than he is, with more experience, and a locker room that could also have players older than him as well.

The Eagles found out quickly with Chip Kelly that if a head coach isn’t popular in the locker room it won’t matter how bright of a football mind he is. Brady might be able to do it, but having him manage the entire coaching staff and roster would be the main concern.

The reward, however, could be huge.