Dana Perino: ‘As a conservative woman, you know you’re not going to get the glowing profile so you just get your sh*t done’

By 97.1 FM Talk

Deputy Communications Director for the RNC Cassie Smedile said no one can turn out supporters like Trump, so him coming to Georgia this week to rally around the GOP candidates for the Senate race will be influential.

Smedile said there are real forces at play trying to undermine the integrity of this election. She highlights that one of the progressive candidates is encouraging people to register to vote in Georgia, who do not live in the state.

Annie and Cassie also discuss Biden’s all-female communications team.

Biden is receiving massive praise from the media and the left for creating an all-female team. However, Dana Perino reminded us that the Trump administration did something similar to this and yet, there were no glowing reviews or accolades.