Felony charges for couple who flourished guns at protesters

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ST. LOUIS (KFTK) - The St. Louis couple who displayed guns during a racial injustice march that went past their Central West End mansion have each been charged with a felony unlawful use of a weapon. 

Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner released a statement with the charges, saying "this type of conduct is unacceptable." 

Gardner says Mark and Patricia McCloskey will receive a summons to appear in court, but she's open to recommending a diversion program instead.

Here are the charging documents against the McCloskeys:

PC Patricia McCloskey by EntercomSTL on Scribd

PC Mark McCloskey by EntercomSTL on Scribd

Here's the full statement from Gardner's office: 

“Today my office filed charges against Mark and Patricia McCloskey following an incident involving peaceful, unarmed protesters on June 28th. It is illegal to wave weapons in a threatening manner at those participating in nonviolent protest, and while we are fortunate this situation did not escalate into deadly force, this type of conduct is unacceptable in St. Louis."The decision to issue charges was made after a thorough investigation with the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department."I am open to recommending the McCloskey’s participate in one of my office’s diversion programs that are designed to reduce unnecessary involvement with the courts. I believe this would serve as a fair resolution to this matter."We must protect the right to peacefully protest, and any attempt to chill it through intimidation will not be tolerated. As I mentioned in my initial statement on June 29th about protecting the rights of protestors, this was not the only disturbing incident that occurred the same weekend. I issued charges against an individual who assaulted peaceful demonstrators at the King Louis IX statute on June 27th. I am open to recommending diversion in this case as well."The people of St. Louis have elected me to pursue equal justice under the law fairly and impartially, and that is what I intend to do.”
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