Chance of catching COVID doubles when in Missouri, IL Governor warns his citizens

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ST. LOUIS (KFTK/AP) - The governor of Illinois is warning those who live near the Missouri border of their COVID risks. 

"If you look at areas like St. Clair County and Madison County, right across the river from St. Louis – Missouri has an around 7% positivity rate. Ours is just 3," Pritzker said in his Thursday press conference.

Pritzker says going to St. Louis will essentially double your chances to get coronavirus. He also stressed that Illinois residents should follow Illinois guidelines on social distancing wherever they go, even if they aren't enacted in some areas of Missouri.

Missouri reported 708 new confirmed COVID-19 cases Thursday, bringing the total to 30,422, a 36% increase from two weeks ago. In the St. Louis Region – which includes eight Illinois counties – there were 830 new cases of COVID-19 from Tuesday to Wednesday. 

The Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services also said the number of deaths increased by 10 to 1,113.

Illinois public health officials announced 25 additional deaths on Thursday and 1,257 newly confirmed COVID-19 cases, the state has now lost 7,251 lives to virus-related complications. Nearly 160,000 have been infected; tens of thousands of those have recovered.

Watch the full press conference with Gov. Pritzker, here: 

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