Ring out the old, ring in the new at Goodwill

Ring out the old, ring in the new at Goodwill
By 97.1 FM Talk

The New Year is the time for out with the old and in the new.  While making room for your holiday gifts, consider getting rid of those items that you don’t use anymore.  Why not ring in the New Year, by donating those old items to Goodwill.

These days there’s a lot of emphasis on trying to streamline our lives. Decluttering your house is a great way to do that.  Consider the one-year rule- if you haven’t used it, worn it, or played with it for one year it’s time to give it away.  Some say it’s also time to give it away if it “doesn’t bring you joy” anymore.  Either way, you will feel so much better by  removing the clutter from your home to give you some space to breath.  It’s a great feeling to get rid of those items that are just sitting around taking up space. 

So while you’re feeling good about your new space- you can also feel good about giving those items to GOODWILL.  We’re lucky to have a great Goodwill organization here in the St Louis area that is so active in strengthening our community!  Every dollar Goodwill raises here in St Louis stays here in St. Louis.  The mission of Goodwill is Changing Lives through the Power of Work!   When someone has a job they not only have an income to support themselves and their families, but more importantly they gain self-worth and dignity. MERS Goodwill provides employment services to those with disabilities, economic disadvantages or any other barriers to employment. 

Goodwill’s newest program is their EXCEL CENTER. THE EXCEL CENTER AT GOODWILL IS A FREE HIGH SCHOOL FOR ADULTS 21 AND OLDER.  AT THE EXCEL CENTER STUDENTS CAN EARN AN ACTUAL HIGH SCHOOL DIPLOMA.  With day and evening classes, free child care centers and some transportation assistance now is your chance to get that important diploma which can help you get a better job!

So . . .  give hope give local give goodwill.  And Happy New year!