‘We are not going to see witnesses,’ says Heritage Senior Legal Fellow

By 97.1 FM Talk

 (KFTK) – Senior legal fellow at Heritage Hans von Spakovsky said the House Managers are not coming forward with actual facts for the case on abuse of power.

“I don’t think so far they have done an adequate job,” Spakovsky said on the Democrats pleading their case.

The key thing to remember is that nothing actually happened, Hans said.

The aid was held up for a few months and no investigation happened on the Bidens.

So what is this all about? Spakovsky said the reason why Trump did what he did on the phone call doesn’t really matter if the action he took was perfectly legal.

“They are imagining that his motive was to affect the 2020 election, they have no facts that show that was his motive,” he said.


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