Jack Posobiec’s memorial fund for the family of Captain David Dorn

By 97.1 FM Talk

Anchor on One America News Network Jack Posobiec has set up a fundraiser for Captain Dorn’s wife.

Captain Dorn responded to an alarm going off at a friend’s pawnshop in downtown St. Louis.

After making his way to the scene, he was gunned down by a looter stealing a TV.

He lost his life serving the community. Jack Posobiec set up a fundraiser to help his wife and family.

There are legitimate protests happening and they should be happening. We have our first amendment right and it is fundamental for change. However, there is definitely another side of opportunists stealing, looting, rioting, and deliberately causing chaos.

“I think this situation ended up being the spark that lit the fuse on everything,” Posobiec said on the unrest that started with coronavirus and ended with the death of George Floyd.

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