In 2018, three of the Democratic impeachment managers voted against aid to the Ukraine

By 97.1 FM Talk

(KFTK) – Deroy Murdock said he got information from the White House saying that some of the Democratic managers voted against secure assistance to the Ukraine in 2018.

Therefore, the initial reason why the Democrats want to kick Trump out of office is also something they have done in the past. Murdock says the hypocrisy is unreal.

Read his article HERE.

“I don’t think these guys ever thought they would be able to get the president out of office,” he said. “They just want to embarrass him and weaken him.”

Certainly, the president has not been shy about his phone call with the Ukrainian president.

Will Trump regret bringing up the phone call?

Murdock said if it wasn’t Ukraine it would be something else that would get under the Democrat’s skin and call for his impeachment.


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