LISTEN: Speculation over a Greitens comeback

By 97.1 FM Talk

(KFTK) - The truth surrounding the takedown of the former Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens will surface, says 97.1 Talk host Marc Cox. But will it be enough to launch him back into the Jeff City political sphere?

That truth may come out as we get deeper into the testimony of St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner and her investigator’s conduct during the investigation of Greitens.

This was written about at length by Steve Hantler of Real Clear Politics.

He writes, "In boxing, you can win a round, lose a round, and still go on to win the fight. Before he served as a SEAL, Greitens was an amateur boxing champion. But will he step into the political ring again to take on insiders and liberals? If he does, we’re likely to see a knock-down bloodbath. 

"Any patriot -- regardless of party -- should be very concerned about what the political establishment did to Greitens and what they’re doing to the rule of law. The Roman Republic ended when Julius Caesar was given a choice: come home to face a politically motivated prosecution or bring his army over the Rubicon. Today there’s no army waiting across the Potomac. But if Americans’ confidence in the rule of law is shattered by political prosecutions, it won’t take an army to tear our great republic apart. Here’s to hoping for a sober turn towards justice and the resurrection and elevation of good leaders."

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