Governor Parson says trying to ‘piecemeal’ reopening creates complications

By 97.1 FM Talk

Governor Mike Parson announced the launch of a new coronavirus map and dashboard to detail the spread of the virus.

Missouri COVID-19 Dashboard

Governor Parson joins the show to discuss the latest resources available to Missourians. He stresses that ‘testing is key’ when it comes to stopping the spread and successfully reopening the economy.

On which business should be reopening, the Governor says he’s not geared to a piecemeal approach.

“If you start trying to go down that road and address every issue that’s out there, I think you’re asking for trouble.”

Governor Parson also discusses the ‘mail-in-voting’ legislation lawmakers in Jeff City recently moved to his desk.

He says he understands the concern of fraud associated with mail-in-voting but notes this legislation seems to be aimed at getting in front of federal judges who could potentially allow anyone to vote remotely, overriding the state and the will of the people.

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