Organized effort to reign in the power of St. Louis County Executive Sam Page

By 97.1 FM Talk

St. Louis County Councilmember Tim Fitch has organized an effort to reign in the power of current county executive Sam Page. Among other things, the push comes after Page announced restrictions on youth sports in the county.

To the credit of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, they interviewed (and reported on) pediatricians who directly contradicted the theory that kids are to blame for an uptick in coronavirus cases.


“He’s a politician that dabbles in medicine,” says Fitch.

He continues, “I think the pandemic will be over on November 4th.”

Fitch also comments on the primary election (August 4). There are competing schools of thought for folks who want Page out of office. Fitch falls into the ‘pull a Democratic ballot’ camp.

“Pulling a Democratic ballot in the primary doesn’t make you a Democrat,” says Fitch.

If you pull the Dem ballot, you can vote to keep Page off the general ticket.

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