There are so many moderate Democrats running, 'and they split the vote,' says's senior editor

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(KFTK) – Senior Editor at The Bulwark, Jim Swift joined Eric Robert to handicap the Democrat presidential field.

"I'm kind of having, like, PTSD flashbacks to 2016," says Swift of the moderates in the field.  "I remember being in Cleveland with the first debate, and shortly thereafter, Scott Walker was gone, but then no one else really wanted to get out.  We're kind of seeing this on the Democratic side." 

Swift predicted it was important for VP Joe Biden's campaign to win by a large margin on Saturday, "he needs to win by at least 15 points." 

Utimately, Biden beat Sen Bernie Sanders by nearly 30 points. 

The Saint Louis University grad pointed out why Biden seemed focused on billionaire Tom Steyer, who had been making lots of inroads with the black community in South Carolina,  "he wanted to kind of erode and get those votes."

"The Democratic primary has changed from 2016, where it used to be more of a winner-take-all aspect," says Swift.  "They reduced the amount of super-delegates, and now its proportional. They assign the delegates from each state based on  what proportion of the vote that you won."  

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