Choosing the right doctor for your kids is a difficult choice

By 97.1 FM Talk
(KFTK) –  Dr Jacqueline Jones joined Dr Tobler to promote her new book,  Medical Parenting: How to Navigate Health, Wellness and the Medical System with Your Child.

"Its a really hard process to find the right doctor," says Doctor Jones.  "Insurance panels don't give you any indicication on what you're walking into. As a health-care consumer and as a parent who wants to do the best for your child, you need to do your homework."

Jones says new parents should start with someone they already have a relationship with, their OBGYN. "They're going to look for someone who has a similar style, and a similar philosophy, and a similar geographic area and who probably has privileges  as the same hospital where you might have delivered.  I really feel that, thats one of the first steps, go to your OBGYN. Find out who they like, who they work with."

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