'Unhappiness is not necessarily clinical depression' says psychoanalyst Erica Komisar

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(KFTK) – Psychoanalyst, author, parent coach and writer Erica Komisar joined Randy again to discuss her new Wall Street Journal commentary, Lockdowns Have a Bright Side for Teens.

Komisar says she was inspired to write the piece following a study from the Institute for Family Studies.

"Over 15-hundred adolescents were part of this study. What it showed, as you would expect, teenagers are very unhappy. They are very unhappy, they are very disatisified with their lives. But the actual clinical depression numbers went down with Covid," says Komisar.  

She says the study calculated a couple of reasons why, "unhappiness is not necessarily clinical depression.  The suicide numbers in adolescents have been very high.  To be clear, the depression and anxiety rates in adolescents are still very high, but there has been a dipdown during Covid for 2 reasons they found."

"Kids are around their parents more, they're spending more time around their parents so therefore their parents can help them when they're distressed when usually parents weren't around or kids didn't allow to help with distress," says Komisar, "and the second reason is they're getting more sleep."

She says there is a very important distinction to make between being unhappy and depression, "and I think it's a distinction that as a society we don't make, because there's such an emphasis on being happy all the time. We can't be happy all the time.  And kids and adolescents certainly can't be happy all  the time," says Komisar.

"Adolescence is an emotional roller-coaster based on hormones and also experiences they're going through," says Komisar.

Read her piece HERE

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