It has, 'served us very, very well,' says Electoral College proponent

By 97.1 FM Talk

(KFTK) – Trent England, Executive Director from the Save Our States Project, joined Randy to discuss his efforts to save the Electoral College in presidential elections.

"There's a campaign going on to try to hijack the electoral college, at the state level," says England, "to effectively get rid of it without ever changing the constitution."

England points out that the US doesn't have a parliamentary system, "we don't want the President to be beholden to Congress. We actually want an independent Executive Branch with an independent President."

The Electoral College system is, "designed to set a higher bar, than just winning the most raw popular votes, because that would allow candidates to just drive up the number of votes that they get in heavily populated areas and ignore everybody else," says England.

"The American founders, James Madison in particular, was really concerned that if we did that, we would just leave huge parts of the  country out of politics, or at least out of presidential politics, forever," says England.


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